About moegreeb

What is there to know about moegreeb? I’m not sure really. My real name is Chris Angel (and yes, I realize that is the same name as the Mindfreak guy), but moegreeb has been a part of me for years. He is very specifically moegreeb and not Moegreeb. I’m not sure why that is important but it is. I created him as on online avatar over ten years ago. At first he was just supposed to be my online self but I think that he might have grown a bit more independent. He can say things that I cannot. I might be a little wild but he is absolutely nutty. I occassionally try for subtlety but he is as blunt as a hammer to the head.

The man behind moegreeb I am way more familiar with. I am a musician. No matter what else I may do in life music is a constant. I’m a classically trained pianist, a guitarist, a singer, and I’ve played percussion in a couple of orchestras.My musical tastes are fairly varied. I love folk and celtic music, I’m a fan of progressive rock and new metal (I refuse to spell it nu-metal). I enjoy blues and rap. If it has a beat and something of worth in it, I’ll listen.

Come check out my official music site here



2 Responses to “About moegreeb”

  1. Nicely done. I’m impressed…looking forward to hearing your music…

  2. I’ve enjoyed reading about the man behind the myth.

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