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My CD is out in iTunes!!!

Posted in Uncategorized on February 21, 2010 by moegreeb

Well…I’ve been waiting for it for awhile and now here it is. My CD is finally out on iTunes. This has taken awhile to do but it got there in the end. When I say awhile I mean it. I recorded the CD in 2002 and only printed up about 100 copies and sold them at gigs.

Recently I decided to be proactive though. I am in the process of recording a new CD (slowly) and have decided to dust off the original recording and get my ass in gear. So here it is…the fruits of my labour:

Here is the link that will take you directly to the CD in iTunes: Chris Angel – Celtic Stepson


I Went Running Today

Posted in Uncategorized on February 7, 2010 by moegreeb

So, my plan right now is to get myself in shape for a marthon. The date of the marathon is on May 30th and that day just keeps getting closer and closer. It has started lurking in fact and an ominous feeling is starting to seep into the surrounding months. For this reason I’ve started avoiding my calendar altogether. I’m actually thinking that it might be time to just take it down off the wall and store it in the freezer for awhile.

42 km. 26 miles. Do you know how far that is!?! To properly get an idea of this picture a kilometer. Then multiply it by forty fucking two. That should give you a better idea of the distance involved. I am officially intimidated. If I were wearing boots I would officially be quaking in them. Right now I’m quaking in my Homer “Mr. Plow” Simpson slippers. It really is same thing in general but doesn’t quite sound the same. It is an unimportant detail and we should really move on actually.

The thing is…I’ve set this up as a goal for myself. In order to prepare I run. I’m trying to run a lot. At least twice a week I jump on the treadmill and try and do a few miles and then on Sunday, Mark and I go do a bigger run. Today it was -10 degrees outside (14F for my American friends). This is not an ideal temperature for me. It is well below my ideal temperature in fact. Despite this, I put on 2 pairs of running pants, 3 long sleeved running shirts, a togue, gloves, a neck/face warmer, and my running shoes and went out to run 10km. I almost died I think…and that is only a quarter of what I need to do.

I need to be fit all around though. On days when I don’t run I try and hit weights…even if it is only for 15 minutes. A few days ago I spent about an hour on squats, jump lunges, pushups, chinups and other assorted tortures. My entire body hurt for two days after that. My ficken ass hurt for fuck’s sake. What the hell is up with that? There is an upside to this though: I’m an in the greatest shape of my life. My body is generally exhausted yet at the same time I feel invigorated and really damned good about myself.

I still have a few months to get there. A few more months of slogging through the miles while attempting not to throw up. It may take hours to do. I might end up dead last out of everyone that is running but I’m going to finish that damned marathon. 42Kms. May 30th. Still is kind of intimidating though…I really do hope I don’t throw up that day. Or poop myself.